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    Group's Subsidiaries

    Haicheng No.2 Stone Powder Factory

    In 1987 the No.2 Stone Powder Factory was established and became Beihai Group first core business. Within 4 years it evolved from exclusively coarse grinding to an extensive talc product range. We meet our diversified customer requirements with 200 to 8,000 mesh grind, straight or compacted powders.

    We keep developing new products as talc filled master batch to actively contribute whenever possible to our customer’s growth. 

    Haicheng Beihai Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Recognizing the fast growing demand for top quality talc grades from high mechanical performance plastic, Haicheng Beihai Chemical Co., Ltd. was specifically established in 2006 to develop high-end products for this market segment.

    State of the art equipment was purposely imported to provide high productivity and flawless quality. Absence of black specks, asbestos or metal contamination is guaranteed. It becomes an important member of talc production family of Beihai Group.

    Haicheng Beihai Superfine Stone Powder Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1993, its a member of the talc powder industry. While the talc powder market expands constantly, the sales of talc powder products grow each year. To increase the output and better satisfy the clients production demands, the ultrafine talc is thus brought to being. Designed more specifically to overseas clients, the products can largely enhance the clients satisfaction.

    Haicheng Jintian Premium Stone Powder Co., Ltd.

    This company was created to increase Beihais group presence in the industrial mineral markets by offering a wider range of products: calcium carbonate and magnesite.  

    Haicheng Jintian Premium Stone Powder Co., Ltd. started operations in 1995, importing high performance equipment: powder compaction systems, dry or wet calcium carbonate milling, calcium carbonate activation, calcinations.

    Haicheng Meirun Chemical Co., Ltd.

    In 1999, to actively respond to the national call for energy savings and emission reduction, the group decided to resolutely increase production added value. Haicheng Meirun Chemical Co, Ltd. manufactures high talc filled talcum master batches directly shipped to final users, overcoming all difficulties inherent to very fine powders handling, packaging and shipping. Customer productivity also increases significantly extending energy savings to the whole supply chain. Meirun Chemical has been very successful in opening a new sales channel. 

    Talc master batches now play an essential role in the group market expansion. With a series of heavy investments from 2015 on, Meirun now operates 20 production lines and a fully automated bagging-palletizing system.

    Xiuyan Shihu Macromolecule Co., Ltd.

    Amid the ever-changing markets, the calcium carbonate industry takes an increasingly larger share. The group built a calcium carbonate processing plant in Xiuyan region: Xiuyan Shihu Macromolecule Co., Ltd. in 2004.

    Since then Beihai Group had to invest repeatedly in new production lines and improved technology with main emphasis laid on the calcium carbonate products. 

    Sales already exceed 300,000 t/y of calcium carbonate powder of all specifications to domestic and foreign markets demonstrating customer high satisfaction.

    Haicheng Tianyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Created in 2004 Haicheng Tianyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is the group domestic sales company. It commercializes the whole production lines and provides customers with a streamlined platform, easy communication and quality sale service.

    Haicheng Beihai Container Co., Ltd.

    Behai Group decided to improve mineral products image and acceptance by providing much better packaging. Haicheng Beihai Container Co., Ltd manufactures flexible containers of all specifications and qualities. Beyond supplying packaging to the group various units, the company also exports to Southeastern Asian Region, and is widely praised by our customers.

    As an essential link in the industrial chain of Beihai Group’s powder production, the establishment of the company offers favorable guarantee and promotion to the development of the powder career.

    Liaoning Beihai Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2004, Beihai Industry is one of the group major miners. It now owns and operates 12 talc and 3 magnesite mines and manages its own explosive deposit.

    The company mines a wide variety of ores from standard grade to highest purity and brightness. It supplies the various processing units with constant specification crudes. Customers eventually get a natural product with stabilized physical and chemical properties.

    Mine output increases steadily to support sales development and improve the group cost competitiveness. 

    Mining Companies in Xiuyan and Liaoyang Regions

    The group now owns 7 mining companies in the Xiuyan and Liaoyang regions.

    Beihai group strategy always included diversification from the single Talc mineral business. Developping adequate mineral resources is critical to supply new markets and reconstitute depleted reserves. Behai is very active in securing its long term mining capabilities and markets. 

    The various mining companies are exploring actively and already mine 9 ore bodies: 1 talc, 1 quartz, 1 fluorite, 2 dolomite and 4 calcite.

    Large high quality reserves of diversified minerals are a guaranty of long term supply capacity. They are key to develop lasting trustful relationships with our customer base.

    Haicheng Beihai Materials Co., Ltd.

    In 2004, Haicheng Beihai Materials Co., Ltd. was established to improve and manufacture processing and mining equipment and associated spare parts. The main objectives are productivity improvement, energy usage reduction, health safety and environment protection.

    Now, Beihai Materials can offer powder companies not only parts and accessories of equipment, but also all the needed auxiliary instruments and tools. 

    Huanren Mining Co., Ltd.

    Huanren Mining Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a key element in the group mining strategy: secure large high quality ore reserves. 

    Huanren Mining owns two talc mines. Preliminary exploration delineated over 20 Mio tons of high grade ore.

    Huanren talc has a very low Fe content and its bright color on firing makes it a product of choice for the ceramic industry.

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